Īpaša krāsa, lai uzlabotu īpašas iezīmes ... Lai šis gudrības, radošuma un juteklības simbols spēlē svarīgu lomu jūsu dzīvē.

Oranžā safīra saderināšanās gredzeni

Oranžā safīra
saderināšanās gredzeni



ORANŽAIS SAFĪRS is a very empowering crystal for writers, singers, and artists, or anyone who wants to express their deepest emotions, thoughts, and truths in the most creative fashion. It will facilitate a divine inspiration and guide you in bringing your spiritual vision to manifestation. ORANŽAIS SAFĪRS will exude a life force that will also enhance your sexual energy and desire, which will greatly increase your fertility.This crystal is very calming to the heart and mind. It will release your unwanted thoughts and any kind of mental tension. It will also encourage your mind to be open to the beauty and wonder of life, bringing in lightness and happiness and restoring the balance back in your body.
ORANŽAIS SAFĪRS will activate and purify your second chakra. It will control the energy flow and the flow of information from your body to your mind, and from your mind to your body. It’s a crystal of rapture, bliss, and surrender. It will enhance higher vision and open your mind for inspiration, which will enhance your experiences and communication.It will ensure that your creative expression is aligned with your heart and that your manifestations are only serving the highest good.
ORANŽAIS SAFĪRS will bring the energy of joy, happiness, and friendship. It will bring in more pleasure in love and romance, as well as family togetherness.